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mun where are you I miss you!!!

life was a bitch i’m sorry hi

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dear lord of fuck it’s been a while.

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Outlast Inspired Sentence Starters

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"Well, you’ve done it. I’m speechless."

"What the fuck did I do?"

She can’t remember doing anything truly worth someone loosing their speech over. Any cocky son-of-a-bitch would probably just say “I was born”, and be done with it right there; but Stocking? She was royally fucked as to who this guy was and why he was complimenting her in disguise.

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"Really? That’s it? Ya think doing that is gonna stop me from being a fucking badass of a legend? Nah. I don’t think missing my genitals is necessarily gonna mean I can’t do fucking amazing shit. Sure screwing would be out of the question, but I can still fight no matter what."

"Not just your testicles, then. What about the whole dick?"

Bam. Best way to destroy a man. Without his whole pride — and she means everything included — he’d be in so much pain. Emotional and physical pain, actually; it was almost a blessing just to be able to imagine it.

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"Can’t stop, won’t stop. If it’s bugging you that much, then I might as well keep going with it. Besides, it fuckin’ amuses me."

[ He honestly didn’t give a shit as to what the girl thought. He still knew he was better, still knew how much power he had. Did it matter if one person or not thought he face didn’t look too great? Nah. Fuck ‘em. They didn’t mean anything to them at all. They’re just insignificant little dumbasses who think they know their stuff when in actuality, they’re just losers.. ]


"Get laid, huh? Nah. Doesn’t seem like I have to. I’m perfectly content as is. Now, I’m not entirely sure why I’m continuing this conversation at all; so I think I’ll just go away now and forget this whole thing happened. Probably go find a gang and ruin their whole operation. Cause hey, that’s pretty goddamn wonderful."

"Yeah? Well it fuckin’ pisses me off. I feel like the only way you’re gonna get laid is if you go fuck some kids or something — at least with that sorta face, you’re halfway to bein’ a pedo."


Man, this cocky bastard was just asking for a knife to the throat or some shit. Acting like he was better than everyone else probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do; and if he had a habit of getting into the same sorts of circles as Stocking was in, he was bound to be smacked up by a few people. 

But, at the mention of a gang, Stocking started to let her cynical thoughts peep through a bit (as if they weren’t already), "A gang, huh? —Hope they rip your face off. That’d be god-damn wonderful right there.”

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    “But you still ain’t confirmed or denied it, so even if I did shut up, I could technically leave here knowing that you actually want to be tied up and whupped solely using processed sugar. How do you like them apples?”

"Good lord of fuck.”

"Already said it’d be a fuckin’ waste of good candy. Ya’ don’t have sex with food ya’ wanna eat, damn it. That’s just plain stupid — I ain’t ever gonna try gettin’ nasty with my food involved.”

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Please.  I’m everything but that.
Don’t insult me.
And, I’ll have you know that I 
haven’t read a book in probably
two years.  The library isn’t my
domain.  If you want to talk to a
mega nerd, I’ll get my friend,
the doggy.❞ 


Part of her wondered to herself 
about just what made her come
across in such a way.  She wasn’t
what she would classify as uptight--
No, not at all.
Sure, she had to help keep the other
three of the Elites in their proper places,
but her methods of doing so weren’t
the most…..mature? ways possible.

"Holy shit, you’re even worse than I thought," there was a pause, and a small cough. As soon as Stocking had heard the word “doggy”, something other than an animal had popped into her mind — and honestly, it wasn’t something she’d normally picture. Panty was getting way too influential over her; that was probably a fact at this point.

"Didn’t pin ya’ for someone who liked it doggy style.”

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TeddyLoid — Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Soundtrack
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"Nah, I’m pretty fine as is. So…. yeah. Guess that sorta ends that topic or whatever."

[ The dumbass honestly doesn’t know what to even go on about now. He’s pretty much trying his best to think up some other subject they could go on about. Or hell, probably just leave since it’s pretty damn obvious the gal is pissed. Good job, Boss. Ya keep fucking things over. ]

"I could neuter ya’."

There it is. Honestly no discussion; she’s resulted to threatening his manhood. And whenever that happens, there’s obviously going to be some stiffness to the air. Whether she means it or not, Stocking’s perfectly capable of destroying a man’s pride with any method she sees fit. You could either run now while you’re still safe, Boss, or you could weigh out your options and see what she does.

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